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Mona Ingrid Love Mona Ingrid Love

Jewelry is far more than the simple adornment of the body, there is an emotional component that often serves as a reminder of something much deeper. Whether it reminds you of your sixteenth birthday, when your mother splurged and gifted you with a beautiful birthstone ring, the pinky ring you wear that is also worn in duplicate by your daughter, or the locket your grandmother wore over a hundred years ago, jewelry can instantly remind us of the feelings of love, gratitude, and appreciation for the deep connections we hold.

It is my hope that my jewelry will create those connections for you, to the ocean, to the gift giver, to the spirit that dwells in all of us.

~ Mona Ingrid Love

Artist Bio

I've had a love for jewelry for as long as I can remember. When I was a very young girl, my father traveled to Europe often. One of my joys upon his return was the various pieces of jewelry he brought home for my mother and me. At seven years old, I convinced my mother to pierce my ears, and I have worn earrings ever since.

In the earlier days of my jewelry-making, I collected beads and made my own necklaces and earrings. I very much enjoy the textures and colors of beaded art. From there, I started a grand collection of natural beach-glass, stones and shells from the coast of Maine.

When I retired from a social work career in early 2000, I naturally returned to my love of jewelry, learning more intricate skills of drilling holes in sea glass and beach stones to create simple pendants and earrings. Soon after, I was eager to learn how to do more in this fascinating field. I became trained in silversmithing, which enhanced my ability to create the present designs and collection on this site. My pieces of jewelry are handmade, using sea glass, and beach stones, with sterling silver to create unique and one of a kind works from nature.

Doing this work provides me great joy and I am truly blessed to be able to pursue my passion. I hope you enjoy these pieces.